Кэмпбелл Бетвейт на форуме инвесторов о краундфандинг, риски инвесторов, платформах кредитования малого бизнеса и новых финансовых онлайн-инструментах, которые молодые инвесторы могут применять для развития проектов

Campbell Bethwaite, Managing Partner of RedStone Capital Holding, spoke about 2k20 trends in the field of investment at the International Investors Forum ProInvest 2020

Сrowdfunding, investor risks, on-line lending platforms for small business and new on-line financial tools the young investors can benefit from to scale their projects – were the leading investment trends of 2020 on the agenda Campbell Betveith, Managing Partner at RedStone Capital Holding, talked of at the International Investors Forum ProInvest 2020 were.


Among the keynote speakers of the forum were: Vladimir Gamza, Sergey Orekhanov, Mark Berger, Stanislav Kolesnichenko, Sergey Polonsky, Camilla Novak, Andrey Kovalev and others.

ProInvest-2020 attracted well-known investors, entrepreneurs, representatives of public organizations and authorities.

Some of the key questions raised during the Forum were: 

– How to balance among risks and profitability by investing in a fast-growing consumer sector business

– How and where to look for investment projects?

– How to diversify risks?

– How to collect a debt?

– How to evaluate investment projects?

– How to turn investments into passive income?

– What outcome you get investing in socially oriented projects?