RedStone Capital invests in scalable, tech-driven concepts that support the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises in Russia and beyond. We mainly focus on FinTech and PropTech solutions.


Finteca is RedStone’s in-house startup incubator. The company conducts hypothesis verification and provides portfolio startups with legal advisory, and back-office support.

Simple Finance Group


The leading fintech lender to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Russia.
The company is disrupting the lending industry through its highly developed online platform, expertise in risk management, and fully electronic document processing.


Online crowdfunding platform for small and medium-sized businesses. Partners with banks for integration into their suite of credit products, helping them to better serve SME clients.

Portfolio companies


Aggregator of products for participation in government procurement projects. All loans associated with tender participation and fulfillment are available with one click. Documentation is fully electronic.


Self-storage and mini-office services for individuals and businesses. Offers a variety of value-added services, including remote pick up and drop off, as well as coworking and mini-office spaces.

Ecobelok (hermetia)

Pilot project focused on the creation of protein through development and processing of Black Soldier Fly larvae.


A digital agro project using hydroponic vertical truss systems to produce over 1,000 kg of leafy green vegetables per day.

Telemed - цифровой формат сети экспресс мини-поликлиник. Диагностика и медпомощь по месту жительства


Network of digitally-enhanced mini-clinics. Diagnosis and medical care at home or and work: one visit, one place, one hour, one affordable price.
The network pilot was launched in Moscow in 2017 in partnership with a number of expert centers, including the Research Center of the Rostec Group of Companies and the Ministry of Health.