RedStone Capital на Мобильные технологии в сфере недвижимости (MobilePropTech)

The event “Mobile Technologies in Real Estate (MobilePropTech)” was held in the digital space at Pokrovka

Among the leading topics raised were:

  • What digital tools developers apply to attract new leads and keep a leading place on the market in the course of constantly growing competition?
  • What options do the audience of the event really need?
  • MobilePropTech market in Russia: comparative analysis of global and Russian trends, development prospects
  • What digital solutions are used by the leading players in the Russian development market now, what is planned, what options do consumers really need?
  • What hampers the development of the Mobile PropTech market in Russia and how could the state help?
Participants ratio – start-ups and big business – was fixed as 20:80.