Управляющий партнёр инвестхолдинга RedStone Capital Кэмпбелл Бетвейт на конференции ИД «Коммерсантъ» Индустрия 4.0. Цифровая трансформация бизнеса. Жизнь после хайпа" 29 октября "Метрополь"

Campbell Bethwaite, Managing Partner of RedStone Capital Holding, took part in the Industry 4.0. Digital business transformation. Life after the initial hype conference set by by Kommersant Publishing House 

Digitalization creates new business opportunities developing innovative projects through technologies that radically alter the entire investment vehicle and the rules of the game. 

However, many questions remain unclear: how to maintain the givenpace of development of digital infrastructure, which areas of investment are most relevant now and will be relevant in the short and long term periods, is the international investment experience matches the Russian business infrastructure and, finally, is the legal environment base ready for the development of digitalization in Russia?  

“What does digital transformation stand for? We all know it is interesting and relevant. But small size businesses often do not know how to apply modern digital changes in their market. Entrepreneurs need practical applications, more basic tools and knowledge that will really help grow in a certain segment.

As an investment company, first of all we  make background screening of the business, it’s level, main challenges, requests, and highlight those areas we can instantly deal with. Most often it’s technology, ”Campbell commented. 

Resource link: https://www.kommersant.ru/conference/458/speaker